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 RCC concrete Construction 

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(Placing of Concrete)

RCC Concrete construction for Reinforcement Concrete(RCC) ,concrete block foundation,concrete residential construction,patio pavers, cement binder , road area unit complicated task ,there is a series of steps and rules followed for correct High strength RCC structure and for there sturdiness.

RCC concrete Construction
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(Placing of Concrete)
A. Concrete is placed solely within the presence of the Employer’s Representative or his authorised representative. when the surface has been ready satisfactorily, surfaces or construction joints upon that new concrete is to be placed, area unit flushed with a coat or neat cement grout or coated with a layer of mortar close to three cm thick. The mortar is that the same proportion of cement and sand because the regular concrete mixture, unless otherwise directed. The water-cement magnitude relation of the mortar is appropriate for putting and dealing within the manner herein nominal. The mortar is unfold uniformly and worked completely into all irregularities of the surfaces. Concrete then placed now upon the contemporary mortar. In inserting concrete against shaped construction joints, special contact with the surface of the joints area unit achieved by careful puddling and spading with the help of appropriate tools.

B. Retempering of concrete aren’t be permissible. Any concrete that has become therefore stiff that correct inserting can not be assured discarded and no payment are going to be created to the Contractor for such wasted concrete. Concrete ought to deposited altogether cases as nearly as practicable directly in its final position and not flow in an exceedingly manner to allow or cause segregation. Excessive separation of coarse aggregates in concrete, caused by permitting the concrete to fall freely from too nice a height or at too nice associate angle from the vertical, or to strike the forms or reinforcement steel, aren’t permissible and wherever such separation would otherwise occur, the Contractor ought to offer appropriate drop chutes and baffles to confine and management the falling concrete.

RCC concrete construction
RCC concrete construction

C. Except as intercepted by joints, all fashioned concrete placed in continuous horizontal layers, the depths of that typically not exceed fifty cm. The Employer’s Representative reserves the correct to want lesser depths of layers wherever concrete in fifty cm layers can’t be placed in accordance with the necessities of this specification. All intersections of construction joints with concrete surfaces which can be exposed to look at is formed straight and level or plumb, unless otherwise shown on the Drawings as ordered by the Employer’s Representative.

D. giant Blocks: In inserting Concrete in giant thick exposed spaces the Contractor ought to maintain the exposed space of contemporary concrete at the practicable minimum by initial build up the concrete to full breadth of structures and to full height of the elevate over a restricted space at one finish of the structure and so continued in similar progressive stages across the structure and so continued in similar progressive stages to the complete area of the structure. The slope fashioned by the unconfined edges of concrete is unbroken as steep as practicable so as to stay its space to a minimum. Concrete on these edges aren’t vibrated till adjacent concrete within the layer is placed except that it vibrated in real time once conditions square measure such the concrete can harden to the extent that later vibrations won’t absolutely consolidate and integrate it with a lot of recently placed adjacent concrete. Clusters of enormous mixture square measure scattered before new concrete is placed over it. Once placement of concrete has commenced during a structure, placement isn’t interrupted, unless adequate construction joints will be created.

E. Rain: Concrete isn’t placed throughout rains sufficiently significant or prolonged to scrub mortar from coarse mixture on the slopes of the location. throughout such rains mortar shouldn’t unfold on construction joints and diluted mortar already unfold square measure removed and replaced before continued with the work.

F. Buckets: Concrete buckets wherever used square measure capable of promptly discharging the low-slump concrete mixes such and therefore the merchandising mechanism is meant to allow the discharge of as very little as zero.35 M3 parts of the load in one place. Buckets square measure appropriate for attachment to and use of drop chutes wherever needed in confined locations.

G. Concrete around Openings: If concrete is placed monolithically around openings having vertical dimensions bigger than sixty millimetre, and if concrete in decks, floor slabs, beams, girders or alternative similar elements of structures if placed monolithically with the concrete of structures, the subsequent directions square measure strictly observed;

Placing of concrete is delayed from one to a few hours at the highest of openings and at all-time low of bevels below decks, floor slabs, girders or alternative similar elements of structure members once bevels aren’t such, however in no case is inserting be delayed ciao that the vibratory unit won’t without delay penetrate of its own weight into concrete placed before the delay. once consolidating the concrete placed when the delay, the vibratory unit penetrate and vibrate the concrete placed before the delay.
The last sixty cm or a lot of of concrete placed in real time before the delay square measure placed with as low slump as practicable and special care shall be exercised to result thorough consolidation of the
The surface of concrete wherever delays square measure created is clean and free from loose and foreign material once concrete is started when the delay.
Concrete placed over openings and in decks, floors, beams, girders and alternative similar elements of structures square measure placed with as low a slump as practicable and special care is exercised to result thorough consolidation of concrete.
H. Consolidation: every layer of concrete is consolidated to the utmost practicable density, in order that it’s free from pockets of aggregates and closes snugly against all surfaces of forms and embedded materials. In consolidating every layer of concrete, the vibratory head of the vibrator is allowed to penetrate and revibrate the concrete within the higher portion of the underlying layer. All concrete for major structures square measure consolidated with electrical or gas power driven immersion kind vibrators, operative at speeds of a minimum of seven,000 revolutions per minute once immersed within the concrete. Hand consolidation, exploitation slice bars, square measure utilized for minor structures at the Employer’s Representative’s direction. extra layers of concrete aren’t placed till the layers antecedently placed are compacted totally as such. instrumentation used for consolidating the concrete square measure subject to the approval of the Employer’s Representative.

Temperature of Concrete

RCC concrete construction
RCC concrete construction


RCC construction

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RCC concrete construction |concrete constructor| A complete Analysis for Concrete Construction(step-by-step)| concrete