Demolition|How to manage construction and demolition waste

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  1. Existing structures shall be demolished as directed by the Employer’s Representative. Where the structure interferes with the new construction, it shall be demolished completely.  Where such structures are to be incorporated into the Works, such structures shall be partially demolished as specified below.
  1. Materials resulting from demolition which are suitable for reuse shall be considered as the property of the Employer and shall be salvaged. Sound brick and stone shall be neatly stockpiled at locations as directed by the Employer’s Representative.  Rubble resulting from demolition of concrete shall be stockpiled when directed by the Employer’s Representative, for use in backfill, embankment, or for other purposes.
  1. Partial demolition of existing structures which are to be incorporated into the Works shall consist of the removal of all unsound portions of the structures, and other portions as directed by the Employer’s Representative, as necessary to incorporate the remaining, sound portions into the Works. Care shall be taken to preserve the portions designated to remain in sound condition.  Concrete structures shall be cut with a suitable saw to a depth of 40 mm before the cut-off portion is demolished, all unsound concrete which spalls when struck with a hammer shall be removed.  All bricks and stones that are loose, and all bricks and stones set in unsound mortar shall be removed.
  • Measurement and Payment

Separate measurement for payment will not be made for work required under this Section.  All costs in connection with the work specified herein will be considered to be included with the related item of work in the Bill of Quantities or incidental to the Project.  Accidental demolition of parts of structures designated to remain shall be repaired by the Contractor at his own expense.


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