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with my family
with my family


Civil Principia- Civil Engineering Home is an effort to bring civil engineering information resources online to share with fellow engineers around the world. The portal is authored and maintained by Jkshah, He is a Civil Engineer and the founder of “Civil Principia”.

Civil Engineers are The Constructor of this modern world that is included in Civil Principia. From small buildings to skyscrapers, small waterfront structure to Heavy Gorges Dam, Big Highways and sky has become limit by using Civil Principia. Roads, bridges, railways, airports, tunnels, dams, buildings, skyscrapers, canals etc. all are the marvels of Civil Engineering.

Civil Principia is a valuable civil engineering information resource for construction professionals and student around the globe which offer Articles, Guides, Books, Software Manuals and other Downloads. Information, Articles, and Guides, News are categorized into sections. How To Guide deals with testing methods and practical applications at the site.

Our goal is not just to create a blog but to spread a movement for better engineering and technology to help our society live a better life at a better and safer place and fulfill their needs for faster growth. This blog is dedicated to knowledge sharing. The engineering and technology can excel only when there is a source of knowledge sharing. So, I have come forward, for the cause of better of civil engineering, for the people and for the society.

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